Zhoushan IMC-YY Shipyard

Zhoushan IMC-Yongyue Shipyard and Engineering Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign ship repair and engineering yard invested by IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group, Zhejiang Yongyue Shipping Group, and Zhejiang Haizhongzhou Group.

The shipyard (Long 122°16?22?E Lat 29°56?33? N) is located at Zhoushan, which is near to Shanghai Yangshan Port.

In addition, at within 2 days sailing from Japan or Korea, minimal deviation is required for vessels to reach. IMC-YY is the most convenient repair station in the region of far-east.

Equipped with comprehensive facilities and skilled workforce, IMC-YY will offer a full range of ship repair and maintenance services to clients from all over the world:
·Drydocking & Special Surveys
·Deck & ER Machinery Overhauls
·Major Steel Renewals & Repairs
·Blasting & Coating of Hull, Cargo Hold & Tanks
·Shaft & Rudder System
·Electrical, Automation & Navigation Equipments
·Hatch Cover & Outfitting Repairs
·Hydro Blasting of Tanks


Graving dock Size (m) Crane (t)
300,000 DWT 350 × 65 40*1 / 25*1
100,000 DWT 251×39 25*1
Wharf Size (m) Crane (t)
300,000 DWT 524.5 × 12 depth 45*1 / 40*1 / 25*1
200,000 DWT 250 × 12 depth 45*1
Gantry Crane Tugboat Cherry Picker
32*1 4000hp*2 30m*2
50t*1 3600hp*1 25m*34