Keppel Batangas Shipyard

Equipped with rich experience and technical knowledge in shiprepair, offshore rig fabrication and shipbuilding services, Keppel Batangas deliver value-added solutions to customers.

Shiprepair and Conversion
With more than 30 years experience in shiprepair, the yard have undertaken extensive works on a wide range of vessels spanning bulk and container carriers, multi-purpose barges, dredgers, offshore support vessels and liquefied petroleum gas tankers.

In addition, they  have been involved in projects such as the jumboisation of a landing craft as well as the conversion of an oil tanker into an asphalt carrier, a bulk supply vessel into a double hull tanker, a general cargo vessel into a container ship, and a dredger into a container vessel.

Shipbuilding and Offshore Fabrication
An excellent track record of more than 90 newbuilds ranging from offshore oil rig sections, tankers, barges and tugs to asphalt carriers.

Capabilities also include the fabrication of offshore and industrial structures including rig hulls, mechanical shiplift platforms and rubber tyred gantry transtainers.