BLRT Turku Repair Yard

As one of the largest dry-docks in Northern Europe, the yard is able to undertake even the most demanding repair, maintenance and conversion projects at competitive prices with delivery of high-quality work on agreed schedule.

Turku Repair Yard Ltd conducts a wide range of ship repairs and services in the Baltic region. Pre-emptive service helps to cut down the off hire and lower the service costs. The yard monitors closely the effects to the surrounding environment by its operations and strives to minimize the environmental impacts. The yard also carries out various kinds of nature preserving conversions such as installing catalytic filters.


Dry Dock:
265m x 70m x 7.9m

Floating dock:
4000t, 101m x 21.6m x 6.0m

184m, 7.7m

Crane capacity:
150 tons, 100 tons and 2 x 30 tons

Electrical power supply:
up to 2800A, 2Mw