We are pleased to advise that Techcross ECS has been issued a USCG Certificate of Approval on 5th June 2018.  Making it the First and Only Filterless system to be approved.

Techcross is a true pioneer in the field of Ballast Water Management;  since gaining the world first IMO Basic Approval, they have grown to be the leading supplier of BWM Systems.

Electro-Cleen is modular system employing full flow direct electrolysis to ensure compliance with ballast water treatment standards at discharge using a single treatment ballast water during intake.  Strong but safe disinfection means no re-treatment is required at discharge whilst ensuring tank and pipe coatings are not affected.

The modular system allows a small and flexible installation footprint.  With no moving parts, typical power consumption during treatment of only 3.4kW/100m3/h (at 30psu), minimal consumable requirements (utlising non hazardous chemicals) and no requirement for very fine filtration; operational costs and maintenance requirements are keep relatively low.

ECS is available in standard and EX options.

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