LINK Instrumentation

With over twenty years experience in the marine field, LINK Instrumentation and Control Services are experts in providing troubleshooting, repairs and servicing of electric, electronic and pneumatic automation and control systems as well as calibration services, backed up by a state of the art in house electronic card repair facility.

Extensive service scope includes:

  • Main Engine Pneumatic Remote Control Systems (all makers).
  • Marine Propulsion Bridge Control Systems.
  • Boiler automation (BMS/ACC) service, repairs (all makers).
  • Control Loops, Valves & Valve Positioners, Temperature and Pressure Controls.
  • IG Systems.
  • Ballast Water Treatment System (SeaCURE).
  • ICCP – CAPAC (all makers).
  • MGPS – CHLOROPAC (all makers).
  • Alarm Monitoring Systems (AMS),indication& protection in E/R, CCR, P/R & Bridge (all makers).
  • Engine & generator controls, (all makers).
  • Engine & generator controls, (all makers).
  • Tank level gauging systems, (all makers).
  • Automatic Unloading Systems (AUS).
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems ODME, 15ppm.
  • Fixed and portable gas detection systems, OMD, (all makers) Graviner, Servomex, Viscotherm, etc.
  • Calibration of all types of portable instruments, UTI, MMC, etc. (all makers).
  • Electronic card repair.